Survive Festive Feasting!

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Survive Festive Feasting

Christmas, the New Year and holidays around the corner – and while this means lots of joyous occasions to look forward to, the festive season brings with it numerous sugary and greasy temptations that can derail healthy eating. But two simple strategies can help you stave off overindulgence (and subsequent sluggishness) – and still give you space to enjoy these celebratory weekends.

Simply replace one meal a day each weekday with one of the many complete meals nutrition solutions by Food for Health by Xndo. Research shows that “small weight gains on weekends are normal, and as long as you can compensate during the week, indulging a bit may even help you lose weight long-term”.  The complete Superfood meals are also designed to keep you satisfied, nourished and energetic as they are protein dominant, low in carbohydrates and calories, high in fibre and contain good heart-healthy fat. These meals are low on the glycemic index so they not only keep you full, but stabilise blood sugar levels and non-inflammatory. Best of all, they are fuss-free and ready-to-eat so you simply need to reheat them and eat – no complicated meal preparations needed.


Avoid Carbohydrates, Chase Protein, Enjoy (good) Fat, Indulge in Fibre for a nutrition balance that not only shaves off the calories, but support overall health and wellness. When not eating one of the convenient Superfood meals, fill your plate with lean chicken, beef, pork or seafood and lots of fresh vegetables. Protein dominant, low- or no-carbohydrate meals not only boost metabolism, but combat oxidative stress, reduce inflammation and tackle glycation to boost immunity, and support metabolism. For an added boost of good fat-burning fuel, take a sachet of Food for Health by Xndo’s new 100% MCT powder – a potent and handy formulation that will keep you full and rev your metabolism.

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