Get Fat With Sugar

Throw ‘low-fat’ out the window


Think low fat is healthier? Think again. When food manufacturers take the fat out of food, lots of other additives are added to the mix, making low-fat food not only even more highly processed, but also filled with unwanted and unneeded ingredients. Low-fat yogurt for instance, is loaded with sugar and bulking agents – and many low- and non-fat yogurts have just as much sugar as ice cream. Eat full-fat unsweetened yogurt with fruit instead. Low-fat salad dressing contains a lot of artificial ingredients and more significantly much more sugar (often in the form of high-fructose corn syrup) to make up for the richness of oil. Skip these and make your own with equal parts olive oil, vinegar and a touch of mustard. Apart from these examples, many other foods containing low-fat claims have a worse nutritional profile than their full-fat counterparts.

With this in mind, reach for the real deal next time – and enjoy your fat. After all, research is showing that fat – especially healthy minimally processed fat such as animal fat, olive oil, and butter – is good for you and necessary for overall health.

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